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Adam has been teaching singing professionally at drama schools since 2010 and now has a large list of private clients.


He teaches using the latest voice science to help you achieve your vocal goals whether you are a professional or amateur singer. His aim is to make the voice as simple as possible to understand while creating a safe and supportive space for you to explore and discover your vocal potential..


If you are interested in starting lessons with Adam you can get in contact via email, join the client Facebook group full of free resources and info, sign up for email updates or book a lesson using the buttons below. 

"My voice has changed dramatically since having lessons with Adam. It's amazing how quickly it all slots into place when you are given a clear explanation of how the voice works.” Ellie Rutherford (Mamma Mia International Tour) 


"Probably one of the most enlightening hours of my life. I feel like some kind of magic happened! I feel very happy knowing there is actually a voice in there" Mark Boustead (Radio Presenter) 

"Adam is an amazing singing tutor who really cares about his student’s and their progress. Hands down one of the best singing tutors I’ve ever had!" Jean-Luke Worrell (The Comedy About A Bank Robbery West End) 

“I've never felt so comfortable and confident in developing my singing technique.” Corin Miller (Performer) ​


"Adam is a fantastic teacher and one of few teachers that has been able to free my voice and give me the confidence to sing a song in an audition room." Patricia Wilkins (Performer) 


"Adam’s vocal coaching has transformed my technique. I am a stronger and healthier vocalist and a more confident performer under his tuition. Adam is intuitive, supportive and dynamic, so can really help to identify the right techniques that are individual to you." Vivienne Ekwulugo (Thriller Live West End)

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